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General and privacy terms and conditions

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Severability: If any of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable in compliance with the legislation in force, that clause shall be void but the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall still apply.

Choice of Law: These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be ruled and construed in accordance with the Cypriot legislation in force.

Modifications: LYM ESHOP LIMITED reserves the right to change the content of this website at any time without prior notice.

Terms and Conditions of the sale of brand-name perfume, cosmetic and optical products:

LYM ESHOP LIMITED has all the rights to the images of perfumes and cosmetics that are used on our website. This content is protected under intellectual property law. It is absolutely forbidden to distribute these images to third parties. LYM ESHOP LIMITED is not an official distributor of these brands and is only acting as a reseller within the sales channel. LYM ESHOP LIMITED is knowledgeable about the image of all these brands and will under no cicumstances attempt to tarnish their good reputation, but rather make the brands' products available to its distributors, reminding them of their duty to adhere to the correct sale of these, urging them to not attempt to tarnish either the image or the position of these brands. LYM ESHOP LIMITED recommends adhering to the following preconditions:

• To respect the brands' prestigious image when selling their products.

• To respect the appropriate space for each one of the brands when selling their products in order to favour and protect their brand position and distinctiveness.

• The sale of brands' products according to selective distribution, complying with their specific qualitative conditions, with the aim of matching the 0fflineales channel.

• To respect any possible restriction which is imposed, or of which you are notified, by the brand or by specific causes for the sale of their products.

• To provide the end client with a service which is in keeping with the brand's image. This requires adequate knowledge of the brand and the products in order to best advise the client.

The images published of the perfumery products may sometimes not match the format sent by manufacturers, the manufacturers reserve the right to change the "packaging" and format of products without prior notice.