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Shipment and delivery

The orders are sent out within 48 hours. The delivery period will depend on the selected carrier and the country of destination.

The shipping charges include:

• Suitable packaging (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, inner protection, etc.)

• Transportation

• Insurance

• Customs clearance at origin

Your-Eshop.com makes shipments by courier to almost any country in the world.

In the case of deliveries in countries, where customs charges applicable, the consignee will be responsible for paying them, as well as all import expenses and taxes generated at the customs of destination, whether the products are actually delivered or the consignee does not accept them. We will make every effort to deliver the orders in the shortest time possible, but you need to take into account the regulations of the country of destination for importing the ordered items as Your-Eshop.com will not be held responsible for them nor the effects caused by strikes, armed conflicts or other circumstances beyond its control. Your-Eshop.com will not be held responsible for customs clearance delays or if the local authorities decide to confiscate any element contained in the shipment.