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Smart Home System

  • GMM Xiaomi MIjia...

    • Floating windows of the APP convenient for watching
    • Support max.64G micro SD card ( not included ) also support NAS cloud storage
    • Support night vision IR distance is up to 9m with 6 LEDs IR lights
    • Support WiFi connection realize 10m remote control
  • WSJ Xiaomi Mijia...

    • Smart linkage with other Xiaomi Smart Home device
    • About 2 years replaceable battery wroking life
    • Low energefree installed and quick response"Brand: Xiaomi Mijia. Sensor: Window and Door Sensor. "1 x Pair of Original Xiaomi Smart Home Window/Door Sensor1 x Instruction1 x Stick adhesive
  • JZV Broadlink RM...

    Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control with this Broadlink RM Mini 3 Home Wireless Remote Control for Cellphone! It supports all IR controlled devices such as TV air conditioner DVD and more. In this way you can control these household appliances on your phone via Internet.Material: Plastic. Color: Black. Dimensions: (2.52 x 2.09)"" / (6.4 x 5.3)cm (H x Dia.). Weight: 2.50oz / 71g."
  • LKK ORVIBO Allone...

    The ORVIBO Allone Wi-Fi Smart Remote Controller makes your life a lot easier than never before. With Wi-Fi connectivity you can control all the devices from virtually anywhere with the mobile app. So how does everything work? First connect the Allone to cellphone via Wi-Fi then pair the remote controller of the devices to Allone and save configuration data to the mobile app.
  • KBI ORVIBO WiWo-S20...