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RC Airplanes

  • BNK Zeta Wing Wing...

    Experience the fun of RC flight with this Zeta Wing Wing Z-84 Z84 EPO 845mm Wingspan Racer Flying Wing KIT! Incredibly small and light it can be flied at relatively small places such as indoor basketball court and thus is perfect for new pilots and RC fans. Though it is in compact size it is portable for outdoor use. Crafted into a high-strength construction it resists shock and crashing impact.
  • QME XK A600 RC...

    Some parts of RC helicopters are easy to break and not repairable. Thatâs why we highly recommend this XK A6000 RC Helicopter KT-001 Consumable Parts Kit. With all the consumable components you may need packed in a kit it saves not only your money but also your time. Made of high-grade materials all the parts are tough and durable for long-lasting use. Material: PC and Metal. Weight: 3."