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Levels & Accessories

  • EPK CPTCAM CP-3010...

    CPTCAM CP-3010 Mini Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Range Finder is designed for convenient and accurate measurement of distance area and volume and design. This product is easy to use safe no need to rely on only a single person to operate other tools. Adopting latest laser technology this laser range finder is precise and scientific to measure. Brand: CPTCAM. Model: CP-3010. Quantity: 1Set."
  • IIG R-DEER RT-S250...

    The R-DEER RT-S250 Aluminum Alloy 3-Bubble Magnetic Spirit Level Angle Measuring Tool is a traditional spirit level with three vials for easy line-up ideal for both household and professional use. It measures small angle with high accuracy. Built-in magnet at the bottom adheres strongly to metal surfaces. Material: Aluminum Alloy . Dimensions: (9.84 x 2.28 x 0.94)"" / (25 x 5.8 x 2."
  • WZL Portable 360...

    Welcome to our on-line store! What youâ²re viewing is this A8827D 360-Degree Self-leveling 3 Line Cross Laser Level! It is in so portable size that can be conveniently operated and carried. This laser level with highly sophisticated workmanship and durable materials is quite wear-resistant. It supports 360-degree rotation for easy operation.Model: A8827D / AK455. Line: 3."
  • FMR Multipurpose...

    Search for a highly reliable tool for levelling a campervan or a caravan or any other gadgets? Why don't stop here and try our Multipurpose Nonmagnetic 2 Ways Spirit Level T-Type Level Bubble Horizon Level? It is a portable yet practical leveling tool. With high-class plastic material it is lightweight but durable to use. T-type design makes this spirit level stylish and unique. Color: Black 2."
  • XDS LVM-55 Zinc...

    Now we are pleased to recommend this LVM-55 Zinc AlloyMini Digital Protractor to you. It is made of zinc and alloy solid and durable. With 360 degree measureing angle and built-in magnet design it is a multifunctional measuring tool. Besides it features LCD display to let you read uprightly at any angle. It offers absolute measurement and referene measurement conversion excellent to use.
  • VCL Liquid Water...

    This is Liquid Water Level Sensor Horizontal Float Switch. It is made of high quality and durable material for long time use. Good choice for you.
    • Use them with hydroponics saltwater tank freshwater tank gardening aquariums for power head control pet bowls fish tanks filtration heating or what ever your project may be
    • Up float switch
    • Contains no mercury