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Other Scales

  • DHQ Xiaomi Body...

    Welcome to our site! We are glad to give you a recommendation of this Xiaomi Body Scale Protective Case. This protective case is made of high quality silicone which is flexible elastic and durable. It uses integrated mold which is precisely accords with Xiaomi body scale. And its coating layer is comfortable and anti-static. Brand: Xiaomi . Weight: 9.45oz / 268g. Dimensions: (13.39 x 14."
  • ITW 200g/0.01g Mini...

    This portable mini lighter electronic scale is small and portable. With 5-digit LCD display 7 types of units can be converted which has strong practicality and wide application range.
    • Product number: MH-05
    • Maximum weighing: 200g
    • Minimum accuracy: 0.01g
    • Display size: 0.8 inches
    • LCD display: 5-digit LCD display