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  • SYB BSIDE ACM03 Plus...

    Troubleshoot electrical problems with the help of BSIDE ACM03 Plus 4000 Counts 400A Auto Range AC DC Current Digital Clamp Multimeter with AC Voltage Detector! It measures AC/DC current AC/DC voltage resistance capacitance frequency and diode with high accuracy and runs continuity test and duty cycle test. With a convenient clamp design you can easily clip it anywhere you want.
  • UAU JAKEMY JM-9205A...

    With simple operation and high accuracy the Jakemy JM-9205A LCD Digital Multimeter with Buzzer Function for Laboratory / Industrial Maintenance is sure to meet the requirements of general purpose electrical tests. It measures DC voltage/electric AC voltage/current resistance and capacitance as well as running capacitance test diode test on-off circuit test and transistor HFE measurement.
  • OEL Fluke 15B F15B+...

    The Fluke 15B F15B+ Professional Auto Range Digital Multimeter Tester is a high cost performance multimeter coming with competitive price. It quickly and accurately measures AC current DC current AC voltage DC voltage resistance and capacitance. It also has continuity test with alert as well as diode testing and buzzing.AC Current/Resolution: 400uA / 4000uA / 40mA / 400mA / 4A / 10A ±1.5%+3."
  • NFP A830L LCD...

    The A830L Digital Multimeter Avometer Volt Ohm Amp Tester with LCD Display measures fast safely and accurately ideal for automotive and household uses. It tests AC/DC voltage DC current and resistance and runs continuity beeper test and diode and transistor test satisfying all common needs in general purpose electrical tests. This digital multimeter has an easy-to-read LCD display with backlight.

    The VICTOR VC921 LCD Digital Voltmeter Ohmmeter OHM Multimeter is a multi-functional DMM for a wide variety of automotive and household applications. A flip-open cover can also be used as the meter stand for ease of measurement. It accurately measures DC voltage AC voltage resistance capacitance and frequency. Plus it runs diode test and detects duty cycle.LCD Size: (2.17 x 1.69)"" / (5.5 x 4."
  • KWK Excel XL830L...

    Wonderful life from these multimeters!
  • PNQ DC 12V-24V...

    • Universal for: Motorbike Car / Boat / ATV / UTV / Camper / Caravans / Travel Trailer etc
    • Twist-and-Lock system. Display: 3-bits LED digital tube lamp display is Green
  • GTF DC 12V-24V...

    • Universal for: Motorbike Car / Boat / ATV / UTV / Camper / Caravans / Travel Trailer etc
    • Twist-and-Lock system. Display: 3-bits LED digital tube lamp display is Green
  • NRU Screwed...

    A multimeter probe is an electronic measuring instrument. Featured with high sensitivity AC / DC voltage it can be applied to measure current resistance and voltage. This screwed multimeter probe is useful for basic faults finding and field service work. With small and exquisite design it is suitable for use with any multimeter that has a standard connector. Max Voltage: 220V."
  • FGD MASTECH MS8260B...

    The MASTECH MS8260B Handheld Digital Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detection Capacitance Test is a handheld and battery operated DMM that measures fast safely and accurately providing a cost-effective solution for general purpose electrical tests. It enables non-contact voltage detection and measures AC voltage DC voltage DC current resistance and capacitance. Model: MS8260B ."
  • KEA 0-80mm Double...

    This caliper is made of plastic material and mini style. Suitable for jewelry measurement student fixtures exhibition gift gifts antique measurement etc." Product Name: Vernier Caliper. Product material: plastic. Range: 0-80mm. Measurement accuracy: 0.05mm. Function: measuring depth height diameter.
  • TEU Bside FWT11...

    The Bside FWT11 Multi-functional Handheld RJ11 RJ45 Cable Telephone Wire Tracker Tester is a comprehensive cable tester that has wide applications in communication engineering wiring and network maintenance. It accurately tracks RJ45 and RJ11 cables and identifies open circuit short circuit miswire reversal split pair and cable sequence.Material: ABS. Dimensions: (8.07 x 1.77 x 1.18)"" / (20."